06.11.06 - quicko update

quick update as i am tired as hell - long version/pics in the next day or two.

temps were cold (hit 38 degrees during the night), course was in super great shape.

had tire/pedal issues on the first lap, one night lap my main battery went out.

had stomach issues starting around my 9th lap, at that time steve schwarz picked up his pace and rode right by me and rob.

lots pulled out and/or slept - i think the temperture hit us all pretty hard, with the exception of steve.

congrats to steve (sponsored by titus/hammer gel -- steve, correct me if i am wrong) who rode super consistant lap and looked to be turning the pedals over pretty easily. good job steve.

with that - pics/long post hopefully up tomorrow.

sologoat out.


Levelhead said...

Great job! Congratulations on a strong ride, despite a few problems.

Jeff Kerkove said...

You win some...you lose some.
Still an awesome effort.
That is what is so great about endurance racing...anything can happen so everyone needs to keep bust'n their balls.
Rest up and get ready to lay the smackdown at the next 24.

dicky said...

Get in that recovery mode. Five days till the Lumberjack 100.

mp3 said...

Sure a win would have been nice, but I don't think it's a loss at all; it's just fine tuning before the NORBA event.