08.01.06 - 24 hour national pictures

start of the race - typical le mans style run out to the bikes. didn't have too awesome of a run as it was somewhat hampered by the way the start/finish was marked up.

had to run through a gate setup that was wide enough for one rider - that bottle necked and i ended up getting on my bike somewhere around 25th place.

fueling up. hammer gel caps were downed with a flask full of coca cola. used to drink red bull. why the switch?

red bull - 4 cans at 8 bucks. coca cola - 24 cans for 8 bucks.

off for another lap. i try to keep pits super short.

kewl night shot before all hell broke loose with the weather.

podium shot. there were about 25'ish guys in our field. congrats to everybody racing and thanks for all the support from all the sologoat fans out there.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats man. Nice ride! Any idea what percentage of the field was on 29ers?