next up - santos

IMG_0157, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

it's dumping snow in ohio as i am soaking up some early season rays in florida - next up, the 12 hours of santos.

pre-rode the vortex - first section felt like a twisty vortex as you flowed with speed through the santos trails. roughly 40 minutes in, you hit what is dubbed the 'red' trails and you are in for a lot of steep ups and downs, rocks and some other silliness. reminds me a lot of the old trails at mikey's in ohio, only 5 times more packed with short steep climbs.

roughly 55 minutes or so at a moderate pace - guessing around 40-45 minutes at race pace.

check out flickr for some more pics.

sologoat out


Metro said...

Nice pics, good luck man.


Rick said...

dumb question, where in FL are you? I'm in the Tampa area....gots my camera and if your not too far away?

Solo Goat said...

rick - i'm at ocala.


it's the 12 hour of santos.