chagrin river cross - day 1 and 2

saturday - halloween costume day
with a possible 30 second penalty for not dressing for the occasion, everybody joined in on the holiday madness.

gun went off, elbows were flying. john got the hole shot, paul and steve were chasing.

2010 Chagrin River CX - Day 1 (7)

steve would eventually flat, and get second - paul would take the win.

2010 Chagrin River CX - Day 1 (4)

i settled into a battle with john for 3rd as he maintained about a 8 second gap for most of the race. didn't register until late into the race that my camo pants were digging into my gut and were causing me some major cramping that started about 15 minutes into the race.

2010 Chagrin River CX - Day 1 (11)

would end up 4th on the day.

gun went off and i had to snake around cameron coming in pretty hot into the first tunnel turn. i jumped in behind john and soon after steve and matt tangled up leaving me and john at the front.


steve would soon sneak by and so would paul - then late in the race, matt. they would finish 1, 2, 3.


so, john and i duked it out for the entire race.

i pulled at the start, the john pulled awhile. once matt was coming up, john slowed a little and i charged forward again.


matt would catch us and pull away, and i chased him.

in the closing laps, through the pine trees i was thinking that my arms were getting beat up by the constant jarring. and then i whack my head off a tree. ouch. john then pulls through.

hard efforts out of the corners, i stay on his wheel. in the grass field, john jumps, but slips. i wasn't ready for my attack yet, so i waited until the last little straight before the twisty's near the stream, then i jumped.


hit the corner into the pines so hard the rear end jumped up what felt like 2 feet. through the turns, into the grass, jumped on the pedals as hard as i could and got a small gap.

i would hold it to take 4th - not a win, but great racin'.

sologoat out

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