house work and trainer rides

not mucho going on as of recent, weather has turned to hell freezing over weather in ohio as wind chills hit a -8 this morning. hmmm. think i'll drink some more coffee and hit the trainer.

parts are slowly rolling in for the build ups this year. excited to be making the switch over to sram 10 speed as the shifting seemed be dead on when i rode it last summer out west at the dealer demo. i still like xt/xtr, but for some reason new stuff always seems a lot better. funny how that is.

thanks to the Stan's No Tubes for helping me out this year, will be getting some wheels sent over to me just in time for the old pueblo 24 hour race in a few weeks time. racing duo again, should be good times. somehow riding and racing for 24 hours seems a lot less painful then two 4 hour days on my trainer. not only will i be outside, i will also have a chance to dodge some cacti, cows and people on the course. this time though, if i go to pass somebody, i hope they don't run me into about a dozen cacti again - was pulling out needles 2 months later. no joke.

sologoat out

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