My Pierre Hole 100 adventure - Part 1

Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately, been out of state and internet access for the past week or so, just getting back from the Pierre Hole 100 race which was the latest stop on the NUE 100 miler circuit.

Flew out solo to meet up with Jonathan Davis from Colorado, along with some of his pals, Kurt and Brandon to head up in his RV to roll up to Wyoming for the 10'ish hour trip.

First day would see me put together my bike which arrived safely from FedEx sent through my pal Billy A and BikeFlights.com. Shortly after we got the bike together, I shot up to Jon's home at 9000 feet and immediately began sucking air as the altitude hit me pretty hard. Felt like breathing through a straw.

Would sleep the night there, then go out for one more cruise around Golden Colorado before heading north to Alma Wyoming.

2011_PierreHole100_ (3)

Driving and resting and eating was the plan for the next 10'ish hours or so and we would make it almost to Jackson Hole before we would crash out along the only spot to stop along some random back road we were on.

2011_PierreHole100_ (16)

Woke up and found a beautiful landscape of mountains and a roaring stream next to us. Surely was not in Ohio anymore.

Huge breakfast in Jackson Hole, a few stops at grocery stores for some supplies, then up to the Grand Targee resort near the Grand Tetons. We would be around 7200 feet, race course would max out around 8200'ish.

2011_PierreHole100_ (68)

We would ride the last 7 miles of the course. The near the basic figure 8'ish layout of the course would allow us to have our RV right on course and easy for us to grab our feeds.

The last 7 miles was rolly, going up and up, down somewhat, then back up and then back down. And don't forget lots of rocks along the way and a fun downhill to the finish.

The first 25 miles would have to wait, but we hear from others - a fast descent, and lots of climbing after.

It was going to be a tough 100 miles.

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