07.01.05 - looking forward to a long weekend..

hey sologoat fan, word up.

sorry for not posting too much lately - been studying for a micrsoft sql certification (exam #70-228, to be exact). been taking practice exams like crazy, and reviewing/reading a few exam books i have. it is so much fun that i will spare you the details. for blog posting fun, tomorrow i will quiz you with a random practice test question. something dealing with microsoft security, maybe using mixed mode authentication in an established domain. you will need to verify the security role and establish/change the role using a transaction SQL statement.

study up or give bill gates a call.

tomorrow, off to the 'goat. hope to get there super early, ride and then meet up with chris and some of the guys from the shop. ride around a little, maybe do some climbing, then down to the shop to look over the magic dan the man has worked on bike #2 and then hand over bike #1 for some minor adjustments including a little cut off the steerer tube. that should be about it for bike adjustment stuff. been maybe thinking about that new SRAM trigger shifter for the rear, but i don't know if they are out or not.

oh - and if anybody is running the 29'r REBA, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE AIR! why? because dan the man told me that rock shock shipped some of the 29r forks with silly 26r STICKERS (the REBA is also available in a 26 inch version). soooooooooooo... the air settings you see on your fork may actually be for the wrong fork - double check your manual, or download one off their site.

how did i find this out? i mentioned to dan the night before big bear that the fork just seemed to be riding rough and not too plush. that made him think.... then we downloaded the manual via my laptop. his hunch was correct - i had the wrong sticker on my fork. we adjusted in the morning, i rode it down pit row about 100 feet and turned around and said it felt good. that was about 15 minutes before the start of the race.


next race - the 6 hours of power in new york. this race is driving me nuts - i have come in 2nd something like 3 times and last year i got third, but it was two weeks after snowshoe - so i was a little cooked. this year - all i can is that i am 100% recovered so i am fresh going into it. should have better results. course has a nice steady climb right at the begining, tight twisty single track all over the place. nice course, about a 50 minute lap. last year, i was just about to catch second, but i missed the cut off by about 3 minutes. first and second were within 10 minutes of me. what's nice about this race is, my sister has a condo right at the venue - and i am only about 4 hour drive away. very economical....

for those needing a frame - my old santa cruz is about to go on ebay. i think sunday is the day it will end. right now, i have a solo 300 bid on the frame and old fork -- little bit of sologoat history being sold off. this frame actually won snowshoe in 2004, and i believe also took a second place there in 2003. ah, the memories.

gotta go - need to pack up for tomorrow - looks like it is going to be nice riding weather.

sologoat out.

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