07.19.05 - back muscle spasms suck

saturday night - enjoying a nice relaxing evening of watching "life aquatic" with bill murray. brilliant movie. and if you haven't seen him in "lost in the translation" go out and rent it. i'm a huge indy type movie buff - both are excellent choices.


was putting away some laundry and there was a sharp pain in my mid back area. i said to jennifer, "wow, that kind of hurt". well, it hurt like hell two minutes later as my muscle spasmed out of control swelling up to the size of my hand and was about an inch high. i was getting light headed, having trouble breathing and the pain was out of this world. i sat up and asked jennifer how it looked and she had this face on her like an alien was about to pop out of my back.

well, three hours later after the doctor (whom name was brian adams - no joke) said "i've never seen anything like that" and a shot of valium in me, along with some ibuprofen and two types of heavy medication, i was on my way home with what was classified as a major muscle spasm. the doc said he had seen spasms before but not like this one because i have no fat on me -- and it made it look really bad. he said with most people, you can't even really tell the muscle is all tweaked.


so, sunday i was all doped up on narcotics and took the day off. i'm off of them aleady because i hate taking stuff that strong. it took away the pain - but it also took away any type of feelings (in general) as well. i just hate sitting around feeling nothing, so i'm not taking them and now i am strictly on ibuprofen.


yesterday was back on my schedeule and today i am about to head out on the second part of double ride for the day. fun, fun.

this weekend - off to the 8 hours of roundtop with dan the man. should be a good time - race on saturday, then head back over to ellicottville saturday night to stay at my sisters condo. ride there in the AM, then back to the lovely town of kent ohio later in the day. good training weekend - hopefully this training/racing will pay off in september at whistler, but i think i have been reaping some race win benefits gettting there, so it isn't so bad.

gotta run - sologoat out.

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