it's white in ohio

as the snow starts hitting the ground - 40 degrees yesterday, 25 and snowing today.

ohio state cross race is this sunday, probably heading down there with the ALAN guys shawn and jimmy. i must say, the ALAN frames have come a long way since i first saw them years back when the frames looked like they had tubes made out of aluminum cans and were pieced together with huge lugs.

other then that, not much happening other then a bunch of bike maintenance, sweating out the sponsors and looking at the race calander for 2007.

got some changes out there - the e100 guys have a 7 day race, some of the local 6 hour race dates have changed, and there are a few brand new events that are relatively close to me.

NORBA seems to have the same schedule up, and as was with last year, they are not east coast friendly. they promised some changes last month, so let's hope the winter tempertures are slowing them down and that they get some decent races for us out there. and how about making the marathon events real marathon events, eh?

not sure what is happening to the 100 miler series, but i know a lot of guys didn't like the fact that it didn't pay out to swell - or at all. though, i do have to say, all the races i hit up in the series were epic events. really loved that colorado race even though i didn't cope with the altitude too great.

3 more hours to go of racing, and then i can rest - for a week or two. then starts the long rides in frigid tempertures starting the last week of december.

gotta get to work -
sologoat out

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