not mucho

has been going down in the white covered ohio area i call home so not much to report on other then ice, snow, cold temps and roller sessions from hell.

schedule is tentatively planned out, now i am just waiting out for better weather which is coming this weekend. should be exciting - temps are going to hit 30 degrees.

sologoat out


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...


I saw this photo in the AAA member's magazine this month!

Did you get the email with the photo from an old CX race?

Best, Julie

Solo Goat said...

julie -

yep, i got it - thanks for sending it along.

aaa? - that's cool, i didn't see it.

pic was actually taken by some random photographer that lives down in my neck of the woods.

was riding on the hike/bike trails one day a few years ago and came upon a group of photographers in the middle of the trail.

a few months later, one of my buddy's who works for the bike patrol said that the pic was in one of the trail guide books they put out. was on the last page.

pretty cool pic.

wouldn't happen to be able to scan that aaa magazine (if you still have it?)?

Jason said...

Iron Maiden- Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner (cyclist)? ;)