passing time at 10 degrees

not much is moving here in the state of ohio these days - woke up to negative 5 degree temps this morning.

2009 schedule is panning out to be an interesting one - one thing that really spices things up is the move of 24 hour nationals by a month to late october, the week after the 8 hour cowbell on the USA cycling enduro calendar. with a few other big name races late in the year, you got to pick your poison and decide what races to hit up.

me - i'll be busy. i'll be at a few races that i need to get back to and a few that i've been wanting to hit up but was not able to in the past.

and cross - more UCI's too. cinci triple weekend, michigan double weekend, wrapping up the season with the portland cup and cross nats. and don't forget the best one (if it's still a UCI based event) - cross vegas.

that's it - gotta roll.

sologoat out

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jay said...

I passed the time at 10 degrees today, by riding my bike to work.

That was cold.