07.24.09 update

well, it's been about a week and 4 days or so back on the bike and i'm starting to turn the pedals over better every day as i can finally put in a good amount of hours in on a daily basis.

physical therapy started up as well for me and is going great. feels kind of odd to be in a gym working on the legs during july, but after weeks of sitting around, i was really just looking forward to doing some type of workout. i think the physical therapy people get a kick out of watching me do leg workouts for 2 hours.

are you tired yet? ah... no. ok - do another 4 sets.

so, instead of writing about heading out to nine mile, i am writing about leg press workouts and getting some juice shot through my knee. good luck to all who are racing..

but things are getting better everyday and i expect to do some road races in about 10 days. and maybe drop that guy that was riding around my neighborhood on an moped again.

and - pivot demo day in speedgoat's backyard coming up on august 8th. i'll be heading out to help out and will be the lead on some rides - or we could head out for some 30 minute hill efforts up linn runn. whichever you prefer.

sologoat out

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