070209 update

070209 LEG
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still not much going on these days, busy with work, reading and getting stuff ready for some intensive rehab back on the bike. i keep hoping that tomorrow i will wake up and this nightmare will be over.

everyday it's getting better - got a ton of movement in the knee compared to just a week ago.

with june and some of july being a wash of no racing, i'll save up some cash and spend a little more time out west this year and stay at interbike for the full 3 days of the expo. and crossvegas is a must this year.

latest hobby for me lately is looking for new techo toys - latest one is the roku player which lets me stream my videos from netflix straight to my tv from my wireless setup. pretty sweet so far.

next up will more then likely be the western digital wd tv. hook it up like a vcr, then plug in your external hard drive with the video you loaded up from euro cross videos and ride away. looks like a pretty cool device.

and - other hobby is checking out the 2009/2010 cross bikes. i've been a fan of redline bikes and they have come up with some new paint and build ups for their 2010 Pro and Team models which are now running SRAM. what is looking suuuper hot is the new 2009 Ridley X Night and X Fire. very nice completes, also running SRAM, and the with the X Night running4RZA brakes and Alex Tubeless wheels.

also got a few new additions to the sologoat garage - most noteably, my custom vicious mootivator painted in speedgoat colors is back up for sale. check it out.

that's it - gotta rip some old radiohead singles, drink a beer, and dream of the day i get to ride all day.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it Ernie. I'm still not riding myself. Slated to resume on July 11th. We'll see what kind of fitness is left.

If you really get bored, consider one of these: http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.php/products_id/139306/n/Team-Losi-8IGHT-T-20-1-8-4WD-RTR-Truggy-w-DX3S-Radio-Telemetry-Installed-Starter-Box

Head down to your local dirt track and get your race fix. That's how I got through last fall after the 1st surgery.

Good luck, hang in there.


Solo Goat said...

sweet remote car.

i'm slated the 13th, though i may try to get back on the stationary trainer before. i am doing non-impact type of stuff now. work loves me - working a ton of hours.

can't wait to get out and suffer for 4+ hours.

Anonymous said...

hey, I know I'm not your sponsored ride but check out our new 'cross bike here at Ellsworth.
*look under bike and click on the 'cross bike in Velo Bella colors....
It will be good to see you on the 'cross scene this year.