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not much has been going on the last week or so other then rest and getting ready to get back on the bike. ordered up a stationary trainer that will be first used for rehab and then for cross season as i normally just use rollers for my winter training.

last x-ray has the fracture healing up good, swelling is going down, i can move the knee quite comfortably now but feels a little funky if i try to walk on it. rehab will start within the next two weeks, though i've started some rehab on it without trying to put weight on the bone.

new kits are finally in. we came up with something a little different this year and i will be running two colored kits, same layout. the ergon green kit will stay and we added the speedgoat orange kit as well. should be pretty sweet. and - hoping to possibly get some of the green in skinsuits this year for cross season.

the past few weeks has been as much pain on me physically as well as mentally - very odd not to be on the bike every day. but, i am making some progress in the house projects as i hope someday to officially have a kitchen table.

sologoat out.


OhioOutside.com said...

You can borrow my trainer for few days if you need one. Mark

Metro said...

I will trade you a nice kitchen table for a working washing machine? I never sit down for dinner unless guests are over but it would be nice to have some clean undies....