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ride, work, sleep, eat, repeat. various hours, various intensities.

been about my life the past few weeks as i prep for what i consider my home town 24 hour race, big bear. it's in WV, but it is where i got my start and somehow will always be home. i can still remember back at my first 24 solo at snowshoe where there laird knight had fireworks going off over our heads at midnight. by far, the most surreal moment of my life to date.

bikes are just about done, caffelatex going in tomorrow. blog posts up on the 'goat blog this week - cane creek, tifosi, limar, jagwire... hats off to all the sponsors this year - sh*t is tight in the sponsorship world and they came through. can't say enough thanks to all of them.

big bear wil be a challenge - the field is more deep then ever before, the rain is a comin' and i'm looking forward to going back to my roots of racing and hopes of catching a ride on one of those rigged up golf carts they have down there with the base kickin, the dub wheels, neon lights and everybody on board with a cold miller in their hand.

hells ya west virginia - see you soon.

sologoat out

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Metro said...

Good luck this weekend dude. See you there.