2009 Big Bear - a DNS

2009 Big Bear - 03
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it's friday and i'm back in ohio very disappointed.

thursday pre-ride was going well. got at the venue early and headed out for a ride around 3pm.

course was wet, but holding up well as usual. after the first downhill where you started climbing after climbing a stream, laird re-routed the course to go away from the mud and water and up to higher groudn on an old service road.

after that, past the run way, was a 100 foot section that was typically super muddy - they added crushed stone making it rideable even in the worse conditions.

lap was going smooth unitl i decided to try some different lines right before the big downhill about half way through. i went to jump a log paraelling the trail and my front wheel sunk down and shot me closer to the log - i stuck out my left leg to catch myself and i basically stiffed armed the ground my left leg.

the pain and the thought of what i just did nearly had me puking right there. i rode out the rest of the lap in pain, barely able to get my left foot out of the pedal.

i then went back to the hotel, elavated, iced and compressed -- all with the thought that if i couldn't walk normal in the AM, it was a no-go on saturday.

8am today, i decided it was a no-go. with about 30-40% of the movement back and about half the swelling down, i decided to see the doctor instead of the start line on saturday. better to be sure and not race, then to chance it and only do more damage.

at the momemt, i am feeling crushed - it's hard to take in all the thoughts of training for a race i couldn't start in.

thanks for the well wishes already coming in. with that, off to watch the pens and elevate the leg.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

Keep the leg up- and give the Red Wings a big swift kick!

Go Pens!

And....rest up!!

Namrita O'Dea said...

That really sucks, I know b/c I did a similar thing before Lumberjack 100 last year, and it was an 18 hour drive for us. Hope you are back at it quickly!

SoloSzabi said...

It is sucks, but don't be angry.... Take a rest and your leg will be ok soon!

Metro said...

Dude sorry to hear about the incident. Laird told me Saturday morning. Big Bear will be around next year even though all the time/training invested sucks, just think you will be well rested and strong going into the next event.

Heal up quickly man.

Best wishes


Jeff Kerkove said...


Cameron C. said...

I was lookig forward to watching you race, Hope you heal up quickly and I can see you go at Nine Mile

Solo Goat said...

thanks for all the well wishes - to the doc on wednesday for the offical word. ER said it's a hairline fracture - and i can support weight on it, just can't walk. hoping for the best.

cam - dude, missed you at cross nats too. was planning on 9 mile, but will have to see how the leg mends. trying not to get hopes up before i find out what's up.