sitting still, going crazy

2009 Big Bear - 10
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2nd weekend in a row off the bike and i'm going stir crazy. trips and races cancelled, i'm getting a very rare opportunity to catch up with work, family, and life in general.

good news came this week in the shape of a clean MRI. bones heal, but busted up ligaments don't. at this point, i can bear weight on the hairline tibia fracture and bend to some extent as well. next good news is when i can get the hinged air cast which i am going to push for sometime this coming week. believe it or not, the cast i have now is actually causing more discomfort from cramps in my leg then the break. i used to think lactic acid hurt, but this is an new extreme level of pain.


so, if all goes well, maybe back on the bike trainer by the end of the month. we'll see - i'm not going to push anything as i need to focus my efforts.

thanks for all the well wishes - more updates as they come.

sologoat out

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