mid week update

2009 Big Bear - 05
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still no official 100% word from the doc until i get my MRI tomorrow AM, but the word from the doc is i got a hairline fracture in my left tibia. so small in fact that i can't even see it in my x-rays.

at this point, swelling is all gone and i can stand on it. racing endurance, i've come to learn with pain, but the mental pain of just not being able to walk across the room is starting to wear on me.

race schedule has changed and i'm waiting until next week to plan out the rest of the year. i am most bummed out not to be at the firecracker 50 and being able to hit up the post race ride and training with the toastman.

so, no breck - instead, a netflix subscription and a roku box to wirelessly stream it to my flat screen tv.

pass the brews

sologoat out


lunasphere said...

Sorry Ernie...be patient...good luck with the healin'


Brandon Draugelis said...

Sorry to hear about your setback. I was really looking forward to racing a 24 with you again. Get well.

veganrob said...

glad to hear its somewhat minor. a little break will only make you stronger. we'll play on our bikes soon i hope.

Solo Goat said...

thanks guys - brandon, good race.