i shed a tear

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so, no big bear nationals this year - it's at moab again.

my thoughts on this have fluctuated wildly in the past few days since i have heard the news but i must say i am somewhat bummed out that big bear is not nationals. dreams of having all my friends and family there and having the support of a massive pit crew behind me was inspiring just in itself.

was also looking forward to a nice and long cross season and getting back to the Cinci 3 day cross series (Moab is on the same weekend).

reading the forums, everybody is grumpy about who is to fault and i am sure there are two sides to everybody's story. i just hope that everybody takes a chill pill on the whole thing, that everybody listens to what everybody is saying & that changes are made for 2011.

i'll leave it at that.

sologoat out

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