dsg 12 hour - longer write up

arrived early in the week to get prepped for the race and to get accustomed to the new flow to the counter-clockwise layout. course flowed well, but had a lot of short steep little climbs that you had to really put an effort to get over. and it seemed like a lot more rocks were exposed then what i originally remembered from last years mud fest.


course was dry - for now.


john was in with matt from moots - always good to catch up with them. and everybody is always in car envy when you pull up in a sprinter.


friday was more or less the same, except i got to ride with the toastman.


saturday am, the weather was looking good, but the rain was coming. i think having lived through last years event, i was a little more prepped mentally for what was to come.


gun goes off, brandon and josh and the eventual 3rd place rider would all take off - i was in chase.


soon, the rain hit - and the mud came - and i soon caught 3rd place.


it was odd, but the south side of the course was dry and the north side was muddy as all heck. i switched bikes but was still having some issues with the clay like mud.

and, with less then 4 hours to go - i overshift and place the chain in tightly between the spokes and the cassette, lodged perfectly under a pin in the cassette so i couldn't pull it out.

in a panic, i start back tracking the wrong way - 4th place catches me for third.

i turn around, make it back to the pits - probably loosing easily at least 25-30 minutes. very disappointing to say the least.

i would battle back into 4th place overall.

josh would wind up in second after battling through some nasty cramps.

and brandon would take home the well deserved win.


and i would like to entitle the above pic as "i am about to kick your ass - with a smile"...

that's it - thanks to the dsg crew for a stellar race and an overall well run event. and thanks to mother nature for delaying the hellish rain downpours until the next day.

sologoat out

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