mohican 100

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mud was the dish to be served yesterday in Loudonville Ohio, rain soaked pretty much all of the course and left them pretty slick in spots.

gun went off and the field went flying up the first climb for the $200 prime to the top. i stayed with the back end of the first main group and was feeling decent.

around mile 25'ish, was sort of going through a mental funk where the mud was starting to get to me, but after my first feed at station 2, i started coming around.

i was just catching on to gerry when i somehow dropped my chain in between the cassette and wheel - luckily i could pull it out, but i snapped two spokes when i dropped the chain. i bent the spokes so my legs would not get whacked by them and i went on, loosing about 5 minutes and hoping that the wheel would somewhat hold up.

i would ride mostly alone for the day, but did end up waiting for two other riders to get me through the long hike and bike sections that are flat, long and full of nice gritty stuff that likes to get in your eyes.

at drop 4, i was able to get out before them, but not before dunking my head in water and getting a cold can of coke.

the second time through drop three, disaster hits again - i get a flat, and decide to pump it up and hope it holds rather then fix it right at the stop. bad mistake.

i make it another 4 miles or so and i am just catching back up to andy applegate whom i caught in the last section of single track - and my tire is going flat.

get my first tube in, hit it with the co2 and it somehow pops my tube instantly. my inflater, full of mud, jams and releases all the c02.

i get my second tube out and repeat, this time my pump is full of mud and not working.


a random rider stops, hands me his pump, i inflate and take off. conservatively, i most of lost at least 10-15 minutes and was just about to go into 11th spot.

i get rolling, ride great over the remaining sections, but lost too much time to make up my lost spots.

when it rains, it pours i guess and that's mountain biking. think i finished up about 14th'ish or so.

epic day with the rain and mud, lets hope i get to race sometime when the sun is actually out.

oh - and got the full ride on my garmin edge 500 - worked beautifully, but for some reason only registered about 90 miles. working on getting my ride info up later this week.

sologoat out


ian said...

Nice writeup, but you made it sound a lot more tame than it was. You skipped the part about the tornado sirens and the 15 minute uphill hike that was barely hikable and the part about having to wade through waist high water with bubba there with a safety line to help save you.
My garmin also screwed up.
I was riding with Amanda (woman winner) and she said her's was messed up too. I think the bad weather (changes in pressure) might have done it. Also, you should use the wheel cadence/speed sensor, that will help track the distance better. Good job finishing the race, i counted about half the field did not finish!

Solo Goat said...

ya, kind of left those parts out as i hope they are not repeated sections in the 2011 event. especially that freaking white water stream crossing that was just stupid considering that they could of just run us on the road.

got the cadence sensor too - just didn't hook it up yet as i just got the unit earlier in the week and i didn't have much extra time to screw around with setting it all up.