one day to mohican

garmin_edge_500, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

ah, mohican is coming up and what better way to distract your mind from 100 miles then with a new a toy that will save every second of your journey.

the Garmin Edge 500 is the newest accessory to my lineup of bike stash, purchased with the intent to give me a way to analyze my ride data and to get me another method of recording/saving my ride data other then with a calendar and a piece of paper.

first ride with it and i think i am hooked. we'll see how it goes recording my mohican race - should be pretty cool to look at after.

staying with my old posse members gerry and angry andy - and meeting up with about 500 other friends to try to beat the crap out of each other tomorrow. should be good times.

with that - must roll. keep the rubber side down.

sologoat out

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