2010 Marathon National Championships

well, colorado offically kicked my arse.

gun went off and the parade start rolled through town. we made a left starting up the first climb of the day and the pace just ramped up slowly and slowy.

soon, i was popped off the back and the heart rate i was seeing on my monitor was no where near my max. altitude hits all riders different, and you can pretty much get your max at sea level, subtract roughly 10 beats and there you go.

even with that rough "science" i was still about 10 beats lower. not feeling bad, not feeling awesome - just feeling like i was kind of stuck in 3 1/2 gear out of 5.

second lap went better, pulled a few riders back, but in the back of my head i was wishing it was another 25 miles.

so with that, i rode out the race and enjoyed it. towards the end, i duked it out with DJ - still can't believe anybody can ride that stuff with just 1 gear. rough finishing spot was mid to back of the pro field.

congrats to all the ergon riders - yuki taking the win in his class, dave 3rd in the pro men, sonya 8th and jeff riding a new PR.

with that - time for some hiking and some riding.

and check out my flick pics when you have a sec - new pics up daily this week.

sologoat out

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