6 hours of power - longer write up

2010 6 hours of power 02, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

sorry for the late update, been hectic getting in some miles the past week.

at the start, field was pretty decent sized and included some fast locals, ross clark and mike simonson.

le mans style start always sucks, kind of getting tired of them but i guess it does the job of stringing it out at the start.

mike takes off at the srart of the first climb, ross is in a group in front of me and i am trailing off the back of them.

it rained the night before and the trails were a little slick at the start. i, of course, had pre-ridden when it was dry and had the tire pressure a little too high and it made things slippy. i backed off as i didn't need to take a spill on the first lap.

lap one down, mike had a small lead that would eventually lead to him winning. i eventually caught up to a small group with ross.

that group would all break up and ross parted ways, i caught back up to him around lap 4 on the start climb. by the top, he took off and i settled in. i was playing a chess game, i would hold him close enough to chase him back in the closing laps - i would drill it on the last lap just as i would roll under the start/finish with about 5-10 minutes to go before the cut-off.

next to last lap, my nightmare happened as the gap to ross was about 30 seconds - my chain dropped into my spokes. AGAIN. hate those freaking "shadow" shimano derailleurs. those things suck. adjusitng them is just a pain in the arse.

dejected, i pulled off to the side of the trail, thought about life for a few moments, and managed to get the chain out. estimate my loss of time roughly about 5 minutes.

last lap, i was convinced i lost 2nd place and came around a corner and washed out the front wheel. nice. another lost minute.

would come in third, behind ross by about 3 minutes. not the race i planned out in my head. that's racing though.

this weekend, pain train ride with phatty.

weekend after - little trip out west (more on that later)

sologoat out

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