anglers ridge pre-ride

2011_Anglers_Ridge_ (01), originally uploaded by solo_goat.

next race up, sorry for the lack of posts. as usual, been hammered at work and with bike work. love how the new SRAM install guides show a lot of pictures with not a lot of words. why do i need any details? ah, why sweat the details on how to put on a uber-expensive parts.

i digress..

anyhoo, after getting through some bike work and the work week, i am down in virginia for the anglers ridge 6 hour (sunday) and also got into town early for the saturday mountain time trial.

pre-rode the course today, it's a twisty turny 8 mile'ish course on a sandy course with lot's of roots, turns, fast sections and short tough little climbs.

tomorrow's course for the time trial will be run on the same course, only shortened a tad - and will be limited to 75 riders. should be good times...

off to bed, check out flickr for a picture set...

sologoat out

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Richmond M.O.R.E. said...

Good times. Best of luck at the race on Sunday. I was hoping to come over and ride myself but work reared it's ugly head.

PS. SRAM says a pic is worth a thousand words but last time I called tech support it only took the guy about 30 words to tell me what I was doing wrong so I feel your pain there.