weekend update

2011_0227_ride, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

weather turned above 50 for the first in forever here in ohio, nice to get out and get some hours in without having to wear winter mittens.

bike is back from tucson, bottom bracket and pedals need cleaned up and re-lubed, and my rear derailleur pulleys are shot once more. can't figure out how i can go through 3 xtr shimano pulleys in a season and a half when my sram x9 has been running the same pulleys for the same period of time and i have a ton more hours on them. oh, wait - maybe it's because they sell $60 retail replacements? ah.. genius...

next race coming up soon, hoping to have at least one bike with my new SRAM 2x10 setup done. resting up this coming weekend, then it's off to the races again. looking forward to riding some trails again.

time for bike work -

sologoat out

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