weekend update

2011_0205_ride, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

well suffice to say, whatever type of salt that ohio uses on their roads really brings a burning sensation to the skin. 4+ hours today on the bike, headed north, turned south and ran into a snowstorm. epic day, but i was able to keep the tempo up and body core warm. felt like i am rolling good and i'll need it in a few weeks.

racing duo again at old peublo with Brian Bennett.

the pivot guys will be out too so it will be good times and warmer weather, something i am looking forward too. hell, duo 24 hours is going to seem like heaven compared to my 4 hour weekend roller sessions.

so, time to clean up and eat and start getting a bike ready for the trip out west. looking forward to the start of the season.

sologoat out

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