thursday from old pueblo


Thursday started in somewhat of an overcast day in the mid 60's, by the time I finished up the day it was around 75 degrees as tons of riders were coming in. Compared to last year, seems like camping spots are filling up fast.


Not sure of how the field of duo's (or the rest of the classes) are looking as most of the riders are west coast riders that I do not see that often but I would take a guess that local yocal DJ from Niner will be here along with a few of the Stan's No Tubes riders as well.

Some tidbits of info on the course. It's roughly 16.1 miles (16.3 miles if you take the cutoff for the "hilly" section known as the "Bitches"), starts at about 3200 feet of elevation and has no major sustained climbs. Probably the most single speed friendly 24 hour course I have ever raced on.


It's a good mix of fire roads, single and double track with some rollers and a nice little longer climb at the end. It's mostly all hard packed sand with some loose grit around the edges. Miscalculate a corner at speed and without doubt you will some kind of cactus. And belive me, they freaking hurt. Last year I was run into 3 different types of cacti by a rider that panicked and crashed us both. The medical unit back at the venue must of pulled about 200+ needles out of me. In the morning light after the race, they pulled out about another 30 or so. And in the weeks afterward, about 20 more came to surface as little reminders of my encounter.

Looking like some chances of rain over the weekend, so I beg of all you in the blogosphere out there to cross their fingers for me. One more post before the race - stay tuned!

sologoat out

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As Minhas Pedaladas said...

I'm crossing my fingers for You
Cheers from Portugal!