a little late - tuesday worlds

tuesday was yet another installment of pain train fun at westlake and it was my debut of my new setup - a standard dura ace crank with new 53 tooth big ring. Crank came from one of my older Moots cross bikes running a standard crank with a single ring as the inner ring would hit the stays. In a moment of bike work geniousness, I finally figured out that most of the newer style cross bikes run compact cranks. So oddly enough, the swap of cranks between the cross and road bike worked out well - now i can run a double setup on my cross frame and then "upgrade" the road bike to a 53 to help me out a little more in the sprints and higher end speed.

first few laps went down as usual, i pulled a little after the first corner and could definitely see a difference in how the pedals were turning over and it was a lot easier to get up to speed. pulling back the gaps seemed a lot easier.

roughly half way through, i put down some efforts, some others joined in the fun and the pack was split in half. i was now in a break with about 15'ish or so riders, maybe more. it was good to shed the field, but it was too many riders.

spin and carbon seemed to be throwing a lot of attacks together, so i chased the first ones down from our pack group. after about 5 or 6 of them i decided that chasing each one down was a little ambitious, so i waited a bit.

dave and brian went, so did cameron. then i jumped. we got a gap pretty quick, we were going at pretty good speed until the closing laps. as the speed went down, so did the gap. i put down some longer pulls at higher speed, cameron returned the favor. a few turns with the guys and the gap went back up for the last lap sprint.

going into the stop sign right turn, had a little gap and i faked a seated attack - they jumped on my wheel.

we got into the straight and it spread out. i was to the left, cameron to the right - dave was behind cameron and brian behind me. at 150 meters, i jumped hard, but cameron was a little quicker - he would take the win, i would grab second, brian would grab 3rd and dave 4th.

next up - a little enduro. stay tuned.

sologoat out

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