tuesday worlds and such..

0707_2011ride, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

another tuesday and another pain therapy session.

this time, early break went and got a good gap. worked with paul and bob to pull things back, held back a little at the end to try to reserve some pop for the inevitable 35mph paul attack but alas, didn't have the snap when he went with aussie rob.

several strong efforts were put down, and i know i took the more aggressive approach to those trying to slow the speed at the front,and a few others got up the road. sorry for any bumped elbows.

bob decided to help out a brotha' at the end and gave me a lead out, but had to battle pete in the end for his wheel - which was my "good-bye" gift to him as he departs for the west coast. (somehow things always seem better on the west coast)

bob jump at warp speed, i duked it out with pete and he would win the battle for 5th.

also - mucho thanks goes out to mr brink for allowing me to borrow that sweet Zipp front wheel.

next up, thursday night chapel race training crit - and a search for a weekend race.

sologoat out

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