08.28.05 - packing for worlds

yep, having fun tonight. got a tri-all bike case along with one of their nice wheel boxes as well and i am busy away tonight packing some stuff up. tri-all makes pretty much what i consider one of the better bike boxes out there - holds two bikes, don't have to take a ton of stuff off the bikes, totally hardshell. they are pretty expensive, but if you have to take two bikes to an event, this is the way to go.

wheel boxes are just as nice - wheel box takes place of one of your bags when you check in, but it can be sent for free! FREE! oh my gosh, did i say "FREE"... oh my gosh, i think i did say "FREE".... ok, ok... so the wheel box holds two wheels, minus your tires. looks like you can pack some clothing in there too, but i didn't get that far yet.

the asylums seem to fit in nicely, though i had to take off the saddles and rear cable hanger. then had take the bars off. nice fit.

batteries charged too. whoa, i am so far ahead of where i was packing for this last year. helps too that jennifer pretty much took care of all the grocery/dinner stuff tonight, she's the best.

didn't race today as i pre-rode the local yocal course and i just wasn't feeling it. the course was really tight and i didn't want to whack my hand off a tree or something - just thought it was a little too risky. nice course though and i wanted to support pretty much the only local mountain bike race, so i made a drive by and watched the race for a few minutes and talked to brett davis whom i happened to see when i riding by. made possible tentative plans to do the iron cross race next month depending on how i feel after the georgia 24 hour the week before.

so, that's about it. maybe a post or two more before i bolt out o' town. thinking of getting a better digital camera before i head out, but i don't know if i have time to shop around or not. think i procastined too long on this one.

oh, and dan the man is bringing his bike. cool. why cool? dan rides an asylum. so what you say? well, should something happen during race time, we can cannibalize his bike for parts. this will be pretty nice seeing that my bike uses unconventional wheel size of 29 inch and the fact that bike shops are hard to come by that are open at 2am in the morning.

oh man, i can't wait to get there.

gotta get going - we picked up "old boy" to rent tonight. got good indy film reviews. oh, and if you haven't seen bill murray's work lately, i would highly suggest "lost in the translation" and "life aquatic". life aquatic was pretty cool - they had a guy that did not actually speak at all during the movie but played david bowie songs in the backgrund during some of the scenes. and he sung it in portugese.
awesome dark comedy. oh, and i saw "noi" recently too - highly recomend seeing that too. but my recomendations usually don't have happy endings as i believe they are too boring and predictable.

anyhoo, i ranting on tonight. gotta run sologoat fan. hope your riding is going good - and that you are on a 29r.

rock on.

sologoat out.