08.30.05 - and still packing...

ah... i've had enough of this packing stuff, i just wanna ride!

took the SQL exam today - didn't pass. wasn't expecting too, but it would of been a nice surprise. i figure within two more tries i'll go postal - oops, i mean pass. no, seriously, i was pretty close this time and even did "strong" in a few sections, which is way better than i did before. guess i have until the end of december to pass.

stopped in a work - the big boss man doug helped out this year and picked up my clothing and my flight to whistler. more on this stuff later, but you can check out their web site here: XPERT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS!

they are an accounting software reseller in the akron ohio area. we carry great plains (what i am consulting on), mas90, mas2000, and a whole bunch o' other stuff. check us out. if you need help with your riding or your software, i am your man.

or if you just want to go for a ride, i am your man too.


hey, gotta run - maybe a few more notes before i ship out. leaving on a jet plane tomorrow AM for the non-raining town of vancouver where i will be eagerly greeted by canadians with free starbucks coffee and choclate chip cookies. oh, and free maple syrup.

or maybe just canadians asking for my passport.

gotta run...

sologoat out.

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