2nd stop - cohutta 100

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tomorrow i'll venture out again to the cohutta with shawn. without saying, the field looks more packed with some of the top enduro freaks around this year as compared to last.

course is an out and back on mostly fire roads with a hellishly long climb in the middle and sweet single track sprinkled thorughout.

start/finish area is super cool to hang out as it was a previous location for olympic kayak events - what seems to be kind of very scenic low key stream can be turned into hells furry with mans creative use of dams.

pics and updates possibly late saturday night, otherwise up late on sunday.

also, gotta give a shout out to my old irma street posse members tris for hooking me up with some new tunes for the ride and for a possible wobblenaught fit from my man jim.. if you are in the cleveland'ish area and need a killer fit, drop me a line and i'll fire off his email to you...

that's it gotta pack -
sologoat out


SquidBuzz said...

The Wobble Naught fits are awesome, aren't they? I got my fit last weekend from Kevin in Chicago. Granted my fit wasn't off that much before this, but the change was quite noticable. The cool part is, he came to my house to do it.

TSWimba said...

Rock that sh!t this weekend man. It's going to be a busy weekend for racing a mountain bike...

Just like it should be.


Good Luck