more cohutta updates...

and bear with me as i make a few changes to the blog layout. html is definetely not my thing...

random cohutta rider updates, and don't quote me on these...

speedgoat andy - 13th. burped a rear tire mid-way.

garth - somewhere around 15th. flatted early on.

deejay - pretty sure he took the single speed win.

tim d - cannondale single speeder, fellow i9 rider, came in the top 3/4/5 spot? not sure, but i know he was up there...

steve s - not sure of his placing, think he came in around garth's position.

floyd - rumor on the street is he is on the down-low as far as fitness goes until after things quite down later on this year with the 2 year ban. then, it's a full go with plans to race next year.

eddie o and nam - both got write ups, check out their sites...

shawn a - should have a write up coming soon..

that's it - gotta eat lunch.

sologoat out


Steve Schwarz said...

18th for Steve S. Burped a tire around mile 12 and didn't think to fill it up until aid station 2... Must have been lack of air to the brain.

Send me an e-mail if you're serious about hitting up a "trans" race for next year.

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