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bear with me as i make a very feable attempt to have a rotating picture header.... will be a slight miracle if i can get it to work... i can work magic with thousands of lines transcations and hundreds of tables within a SQL database, but i can't get my blog header picture thingy to work...

think i'll just ride...

updates coming soon:
1. first asylum rides of the year
2. new fox 29er fork rocks out
3. northwave's carbon soles are super stiff
4. dan's tune up on the 2008 bikes = awesome
5. house work = never done. force ernie villa (dad) to stay until done.

sologoat out

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Mark said...

yo yo ... use an animated GIF file would be the simplest thing to do and just rotate it every 2 to 3 seconds. Or if you want it to load a new picture every time use CSS. You can steal that from the following site.


everything you need should be in the header and the css file, you will see the path in the header also.

Find my grips yet :)