lazy saturday

dan_the_man_at_moab, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

not really - bunch of house stuff to do and a ride to sneak in after it warms up a little bit.

getting stuff organized for the rest of the season, but other then that, not mucho going on other then it was a rather odd friday 13th as i tried to start my car with my wifes keys and then i wrapped up my ride seeing one of my neighbors lauch some little ballons made out of candles and grocery bag down the street and into the sky. things went way up in the sky before they burned up. very odd and very surreal.

kits are in progress with the same basic layout, bikes will be all setup with xtr, i9's, running conti's.

and i just want to give a little shout out to dan the man who had a birthday earlier this week.

random thoughts on a random day

sologoat out

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