spa city 2009 - 3rd place

spa city 2009 - 018, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

quick write up - fuzzy, chris, me and a local pretty much broke away from the main group within two laps.

by the end of the second lap, john was in the lead and chris was hot on his heels.

i was with a local, down on them by a few minutes. soon, the local would come around me (and eventually finish 2nd).

chris would flat 2 or 3 times, putting me up to 3rd. not 100% thinking, i backed off on what was my next to last lap -- thinking it was my last lap.

2nd place rider stopped with about 50 minutes to go when i was 5 minutes down on him - had to turn a 45 minute lap when i was turning around a 50 minute lap riding conservatively.

i made my best effort on that last lap - about 2 to 3 minutes from the finish, time elapsed... so i backed off and rolled it in - about 5 minutes too late from being counted.

as always - gotta pedal every minute of the race and ride that last lap when the little devil on your shoulder is telling you to stop.

it's all part of the game. great race, great course.

now, after a 14 hour drive -- back to the 40 hour work week.

starting.... NOW.

sologoat out


veganrob said...

Nice work again!! i wanted to see if you'd be so kind to send me the podium pic of santos. i have to do some team blogging. oh boy. Good seeing ya. thanks so much p.s. sarah and i vote your dad as nicest dad in the world. xxxrplxxx@fastmail.fm

enduroloco said...

way to start the season! good job

ds said...

Way to go. Look at you rockin' out the LeMans start.


Jason said...

Man, you have a nice chunk of racing with some sweet results and it's only MARCH! Nice job!