bike work 101

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the past 4 days have been a long excercise in my bike wrenching skills. never fails - always when i am putting in big hours, something is bound to break. in an effort to save cash, i run things into the ground.

this past week - had a chain/cassette go out, snapped a spoke nipple (but luckily the spoke and rim are OK) and had a mavic rim sidewall wear out. nice.

that - and i somehow managed to get the pivot together - but i am missing a few parts here and there, so no full blown pics until i got the complete package together.

last week - my "suprise" attack at the local crit did not go un-noticed and i somehow managed to find 2 other partners in crime with me on my attack from the gun. about 50 guys started, about half got lapped. average speed for the first 45 minutes was around 26-27mph - finished up lucky number 13.

this weekend - slower and waaaaaaaaaay longer. the cohutta 100.

sologoat out

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Metro said...

You might as well get some mileage out of your parts, after all you paid for them and you put in lots of miles so it shouldn’t take long. Good luck at Cohutta.