cohutta quick recap

2009 cohutta 01
2009 cohutta 01,
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hot in both pace and temps. 7:12 was my finish time, 21 minutes faster then last years. i placed top 15 but not 100% sure of exact placing as i took off for the drive home.

pace was hot, temps were even higher. i and most of the 100 field were dealing with cramps as early as 50 miles in.

gerry won single speed, andy came in 15 minutes behind me.

sorry for the lack of pics - been a hectic work week and i was soaking in the sun time which has not come often this year for this ohio rider.

full write up coming in the next day or two on the speedgoat site.

sologoat out


Metro said...

Nice job man. From cold temps to sweat down your @$$ crack hot is a considerable change. Spun the Salsa tonight and loved it. Thanks again.

If you have a min, can you drop me that hotel info for DS&G?


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

nice race 'goat. check out the new bike mag on page 108. 24 hours of big bear preview.

Solo Goat said...

which bike mag is that?

Anonymous said...

What size is the 429?

Solo Goat said...

i'm running a small

Anonymous said...

I know that you've been racing 29ers for awhile now. Do you ever feel that the big wheels are a disadvantage compared to 26" wheels esp. on fireroad climbs?