pivot build up number 1

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is now complete - somewhat.

few parts to be finalized after i get my wobblenaught fit and we are waiting for a few others to come in. final parts and full coverage of the build ups by dan the man will soon be up on the speedgoat blog after frame #2 arrives in a short bit.

i9's, king ti cage xtr, foxl are just a few of the brands you'll see on the final builds - weight is actually around the same area as the asylums.

thanks for dan the man, jim, don and the whole speedgoat crew for pulling together a great build up for 2009.

now - off to sneak in a long ride before sunday dinner with the family.

sologoat out


Metro said...

ahh c*ck tease.

How does it ride? The blury pic makes it look fast!


Solo Goat said...

got some late minute possible adds and changes to some sponsors - also will be doing a major write up on the speedgoat blog. hence the blured out photo.

haven't ridden it yet - getting wobblenaughted on it within the next week or so. won't have time to get it all finished up in regards to the build until next week due to work and long hours on the bike week.