08/06/09 update - tired

been a hectic week at work and on the bike - finally starting to get in some good miles and efforts. still finding it odd to be in the gym in august. low key racing should start up next week as i make my first ever appearance up at the local road racing training circuit up at west lake.

the speedgoat pivot demo is this saturday - come out, ride a pivot, meet pivot owner chris cocalis and walk away with some free schwag. starts at 11 on saturday.

also - cross season just around the corner and plenty of parts to obsess about, including the new super kewl chain guide made by pauls. and belive me, it is as cool as you would think as any part ever made by pauls.

also - thanks goes out to lance at TRP Brakes - i'll be running the euro x carbon's this year along with the carbon cross levers.

it was interesting watching 2008 cross worlds last year and to see a comeback of the cross levers on some of the bikes. i can bunnyhop pretty good but never really felt all the confident with my hands on the brake hoods or on the drops - the trp levers will now let me adjust my speed and keep my hands in a position where i could attempt to hop over the barriers.

prepare to watch me hop with grace or take a tremendous header. should be fun either way.

with that - gotta roll. see you on the trails.

sologoat out


Tris said...

Hey old roommate, glad to hear that you are tired from a hectic week of training, rather than being tired of not being able to train.


Ex Irma Street Cycling member,

- Tris

Solo Goat said...

no doubt, good to be back on the bike. hoping to get up to the tuesday night race this week.