pivot demo weekend wrap up

back from the weekend pivot demo - everything went well, including the weather and we got a good turnout for saturday. even got to catch up with an old friend from back in my 'burgh days of racing the ACA wednesday night crits don mosites.

and - got a few tidbits of secrets of upcoming interbike stuff. very cool stuff. guess some of it could be predicted based on what's out there already, but either way - very cool.

also had some good talks with chris cocalis with pivot - very interesting guy with a lot of knowledge. and a former fellow accountant.

more pics up on my flickr account.

that's it - gotta roll. haven't been home in 3 days and i got to relax a little.

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

what princeton tec lights are you running?

Solo Goat said...

i'm running the swtichback 2's as my main light, a rigged up apex headlamp with a bar mount for my backup.