195 heart rate

last tuesday was a first for me, the tuesday night RATL race up in cleveland - otherwise known as the world championships because it is well known that many a rider will kill themselves for a burrito prime. on a course that is flat (but with many a bump and a few turns) average speeds fly upwards toward 30mph - and with it being the last race of the year, it was going to hurt.

race started out fast and the pain train was rolling full tilt for the full 15 laps. at the beginning i thought i would throw down one of my solo stupid attacks but the speed was just too crazy and i thought it would be better to hang on with the group. this was confirmed as i glanced down at my heart rate monitor and saw 195 on more then one occasion.

with about 8 to go, i moved up to the front to keep out of the danger and to keep from having to chase back on in the corners. while going stupid fast, paul martin launched an even more stupid fast attack. at that point i decided i would go with all of paul or shawns attacks. from that point, paul attacked every lap until we had a 7 man break with about 3 to go.

a few more attacks, 2 are shed. we are all pulling hard and into the last corner, i laid down an early sprint attack from waaaaaaaaaaay out - had the gap of about 5 bike lengths until 200 meters to go. would fade back to 5th to collect a few $$ and some assurance of my fitness for the remainder of the season.

felt good getting back into the game. time to work on some bikes.

sologoat out

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Leg must be feeling better....