11/15/09 - Infermary Mound cross

another day, another race.

cap city infermary mound, stacked field on a fast course.

got a slow start as usual, and somebody stacked it on the hoppable barrier. my skillz got me over the barrier despite the pile up and i somehow came out in the top 10'ish.

a few laps later, i make the lead group only to loose ground after paul and matt take each other down in a slippy corner.

head down, i cracked the whip and bridged up solo style. just as i was about to catch back on, my heel catches my rear brake and the stradle cable comes undone from the brake. i'm forced to stop and fix it - and to loose the gap i fought to get back.

i'm now back with paul and matt - and paul rides through and eventually takes 4th. matt rolls in just a few seconds behind him and i'm literally about 5-10 feet behind him.

great course, super fast and fun - the type where it seemed like you were going to rip your tires right off. and another day where less then 45 seconds was the difference from 1rst to 6th. everything counts this year - make one mistake and that's it.

next up - columbus on saturday, cleveland on sunday.

sologoat out

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