kent state cross

ah - finally a cross race where when i am done, i don't have to wash my bikes and stuff for 2 hours.

kent state cross, new venue to the cleveland series had lots of twists and turns, gravel and two steep wood sections, one you could ride, the other most times not. it was a technical riders course - you had to be on your toes.

pace went off fast at the gun and matt weeks lite it up only to hit the deck real hard in the first section of gravel.

on the 2nd lap, things split up real quick - dan, steve-o, me, gerry and shawn pulled a gap and it started to grow.

steve-o got a gap, then i jumped gerry and shawn - and almost pulled the gap back to steve-o but i almost blew up doing it. shawn and gerry pulled me back and we rode together.

on the last lap, i had one chance on the step section before the spiral section where i was going to launch my last ditch effort to put a gap on my two race buddies. i ramped it up from behind them, only to have shawn move over on me slightly where i needed to lock it up.

with no other real section to get around them, i rolled in 4th - steve-o won, gerry 2nd and shawn 3rd.

and - my new FOCUS cross bike made her first ride a memorial one - during a race. first time for that one for me.

that's it - time to rest up for tomorrow's cross fun in columbus.

sologoat out

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