kirtland park cross

one more down, one to go in the cleveland cross series.

the typical twisty and fast course with a long stair run up soon split the field after dan took what appeared to be a horrific crash in the opening moments of the race.

field soon split up and as i caught onto the main chasing pack, matt weeks was already in full flight.

a few spots of shuffling around soon found me with gerry duking it out for 3rd spot only about 10 seconds or less behind paul for most of the race.

as the laps came down, up went our pace as somehow dan made up a lot of ground (since laying on the ground) and was no coming up fast.

up the last run up, gerry got a gap but i closed it back down in the last corner but gerry's quick legs got the best of me. matt won, mr martin in 2nd, gerry 3rd and then i rolled in 4th.

after - i got wobblenaughted my wobblenaught guru jim b. stay tuned. his cross fit is now honed and is guaranteed to get me 15 more watts which i'll need at boughton farm.

sologoat out

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