mucho hours

was the theme the past few days as it warmed up past 25 degrees the first time in what seems like weeks. it was great to get out and get some miles in the legs but i swear for some dumb reason drivers seem to get closer to you in the winter months.

bike gear and setups are getting close to getting all together - i'll be rocking the pivot 429's again this year and they'll be built up with some new XTR drivetrains and nokon cables which i am pretty excited about. i'm going back to a classic light speedgoat setup and running a twist shifter on the front and an XTR pod for the back.

i'll also be sporting the 2010 northwave razers which has all kind of support but most important to me is the carbon sole which helps eliminate the hot spots my feet used to get after about 20 hours in the saddle. never had hot spots? try putting a match under your foot and then holding it there for awhile.

and also new to 2010 is a new event for me next month which i'll be racing DUO - should be a good way to get in some miles and start the year.

see you in tuscon

sologoat out

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

nokon cables are the real deal. i run on my cross bike and i honestly never missed a shift this season on my 1X10. even after sliding through the pond at brett's races.