my best friends name is kreitler

now that the temps have gone into stupid cold wind chill factors, time to hit the rollers. living in the north, it's just something you force yourself to get used to. very odd riding hours and hours with no place to go, but here's a few items to get you through the monotony and to make the time go a little better.

1. world cycling dvd's

2. ipod dock station of some type. every once in awhile, you just need to crank up the tunes and rock out.

3. Nathan Spear full length cross video streams. formatted in FLV, but still pretty good once converted. hope you are bi-lingual.

4. tv's - i actually have two of them hooked up. actually, one tv and one old computer monitor hooked up to an old DVD player. do a search on "V2VPro Video to VGA Converter /Video Switcher" and you can find them pretty cheap - like 30 bucks.

5. have bottles/fuel and coffee, all ready to go and within hands reach.

6. other options are netflicks streaming video and straight up good old tv. only problem with TV is all those danged commercials, so next years "upgrade" to my training room will be TIVO.

any other suggestions from others out there freeze your arse off, post 'em up!

now - a cold to get over and some hours to get in.

sologoat out


John Proppe said...

I slightly misguided on the site I was telling you about on the ride.

www.crosstube.net is the ticket.

My name is Stephen said...

cool, I was thinking about sending you an e-mail to ask how you get through your roller workouts. I just got my own bike room complete with lights and a tv/dvd player, upgrade from the open porch and metal shed out back!!!

Jason said...

Funny, I really don't mind the trainer like most people. OK, it's NOT a ride, but it allows me to use my time wisely and not spend and hour getting dressed/undressed. OR recover from frostbite! LOL!

Suggestions: I've had a lot of good luck finding torrents of euro TV coverage of races (Tour, Giro, CX, etc,) and then burning them to DVD or converting to play on my iPod/TV.

Good luck with the cold. Just think, Nationals are only like 6 months away!

ian said...

did you take that picture while riding the roller trainer no handed? if so, thats really impressive!!!