hideous but warm

Witness the only product I have ever bought from Bass Pro Shops - the ATV Handlebar Mitt.

With about 30 gloves to choose from in my bike stash, my hands always freeze and it seems like I can never grip the bar too good or even attempt to move my fingers all that well.

$25 bucks later, all i wore today while riding was a thin glove liner and my hands were toasty.

oh ya, and if you don't already look like a fruitcake for running these, don't forget the $29 version of the same thing - only in camo.

sologoat out


Metro said...

Camo sweet! If it’s good enough for Matthew Lee’s GDR bags its good enough for my handlebar!

I won’t lie though; those look like two snow boots. Oh well as long as you keep the feeling in your digits. Good to see you out of the basement.


Jason said...

freaking sweet