saturday ride

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not mucho going on these days other then selling off old stuff and getting ready for the 2010 season.

christmas was good, always too short - but i've got a ton of vacation days saved up from skipping cross nats so i have the rest of the year off. nice.

bonus christmas gift from dad from his reserve days - a set of army mittens in official army olive drab. yet another piece of cold weather gear that makes me look like a total nut, but will keep me nice and toasty.

winter training room upgrades will soon be done too - a new 32 inch flat panel tv, kreitler head unit that i had for like 7 years and never used is now setup,new dvd's and a polk center speaker - hope it all drowns out the fact that it's cold outside and i'm spinning away inside.

hammer nutrition sent me some goodies too - will say all of their winter gear is killer. the winter vests and jackets work really well - been using them for years. and their new winter gloves are awesome too - with a thin liner, my hands never got cold today.

anyhoo, off to the never ending house stuff. up today, staining our new doors. it's odd - i look forward to a 4 hour ride in 32 degree temps but despise the half hour of house work like it's the worse thing in the world to do.

with that - sologoat out

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